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Supervising an iOS device using Apple Configurator via SOTI

Date posted: August 2018. Reference TL003

Device needs to be physically connected to MAC computer with Apple configurator installed from Apple Inc.

It is recommended that devices be enrolled into MobiControl using Apple’s Device Enrollment Program where possible.

Note: Any time you enable Supervision on an iOS device, the device will be erased.

How to Supervise an iOS Device with Apple Configurator 2:

  1. Connect your iOS device to a Mac and launch Apple Configurator 2
  2. From the “Action” menu at the top of your screen, select “Prepare”
  3. Select “Manual” configuration
  4. Choose “Do not enroll in MDM” for this manual process
  5. Now you can check the box to Supervise your iOS device
  6. You can enter organization information to display details about the institution that owns this device
  7. Unless you have previously worked with Supervision Identities, you will simply “Generate a new supervision identity” to complete this process
  8. You have the option to skip steps in the Setup Assistant
  9. Click “Prepare” to erase the device and reboot as a Supervised device