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iPhone X support with SOTI MobiControl

Date posted: August 2018. Reference TL003

iPhone X is supported with SOTI MobiControl, from version

There is no limitation except for what is currently supported with earlier versions of iOS devices.

In terms of Limitation

Dependant on the devices being enrolled as DEP or non-DEP devices and this will determine whether the device will need to be manually trusted for the self-signed CA on the device, if a third-party root CA is not available. If the devices are enrolled using DEP then the device will trust the root CA and there will be no need to manually trust the CA as this will be done automatically, but if the device are manually enrolled Non-DEP then the device will have to manually trust the Root CA of the self-signed CA if a third-party root CA is not available.

Manually Trusting the Root CA on the Device – Non DEP
With iOS 10.3 devices if the enrollment failed during the enrollment process, MobiControl environment may show this error, “Profile Installation Failed The server certificate for https://server.domain.tld/mc/ManagementProfileConfigure?token=xxxx’ is invalid.”

iOS 10.3 has changes that require end users to enable the use of user-installed untrusted root certificates. For the purpose of MobiControl, this is the certificate that is installed by the user in the “Install Enrollment Profile” of enrollment.

SOTI recommends the use of third-party certificates in all MobiControl environments. You should purchase a third-party certificate with a common name that matches the Device Management Address fully qualified domain name of the Mobicontrol environment from the Third-party certificate authority. The certificate can be bind to the Mobicontrol environment.

Alternate Option
If you are unable to purchase a commercial certificate then you can instruct your users to enable the use of the “MobiControl Root CA” between Step 1 and Step 2 of enrollment by navigating to “Settings > General > About > Certificate Trust Settings” and enabling the toggle. SOTI has no plans to instruct users to perform this action.