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Smart MetersWork smarter not harder to deploy Smart Meters

Spirit teams up with SLS to provide smart metering solutions that will significantly boost your efficiency and reduce your costs

The government has asked energy suppliers to install smart meters in every UK home by 2020. However, this has created various challenges, including:

• The cost. The migration to smart meters is a complex operation, and costs can easily escalate.

• The difficulty. Estimates suggest that the installation rate needs to double if the government’s targets are to be met. However, there are many different factors involved, including the site survey; hardware installation and integration; and the subsequent support services.

• The logistics. Bringing all of these factors together – often involving several suppliers and service providers – is a time-consuming and costly task.

Fortunately, we understand your challenges and have developed the perfect solution – a complete, one-stop-shop for all your smart metering needs. This focuses on items such as site surveys, HAN (Home Area Network) tests, Inter-PAN, ZigBee, No-WAN, and Install and Leave (the installation and activation of communications hubs) solutions.

How can Spirit help?

We provide everything you need to make a seamless transition to smart metering:

• Hardware selection – We offer a wide choice of rugged handheld devices from leading manufacturers such as Zebra, Getac, Honeywell, Xplore and Datalogic. These include mobile computers, barcode scanners, personal digital assistants (PDAs), smartphones and tablets. Our automated procedures enable installers to audit the property before installation to confirm that a HAN connection is feasible.

• Site survey and installation – We join forces with other providers, such as Systems Level Solutions (SLS), whose indispensable HAN Assist Tool has two essential components. The HAN survey can significantly reduce the job length, by ensuring that the right equipment is selected for installation before any work takes place. The HHT proxy (No WAN) supports installations via direct command local delivery if WAN is unavailable, reducing aborted jobs and removing the need for a second visit. This both saves money and enhances customer satisfaction. Contact us for more information.

• Servicing and support – We provide full support for our smart metering products, including a range of managed services.

DCCFind out more about DCC, the company that’s built Great Britain’s data and communications infrastructure to support the mass roll out of smart electricity and gas meters to homes and small businesses. They’re working to ensure that all the benefits of smart meters are realised for British households and for the wider British economy.

To find out how we could streamline your move to smart metering, call us on 01928 718800.