Spirit Data Capture

Repair programmes

Repair programmeThere’s no need to worry about repairs and maintenance for your mobile devices – we’ve got it covered, whether they’re business or consumer devices. We want to ensure that any disruption to your business activities caused by hardware that is damaged or isn’t working properly is kept to the absolute minimum.

We therefore provide the following services:

  1. Same day repair or replacement – an offer that helps you to keep on working if devices go wrong. There’s just one number to call and our online claims process is very easy. There’s no excess to pay, and no limit on claims.
  2. Business Plus – a service that provides an advanced replacement with same-day resolution, further minimising any downtime. Again, there’s no excess to pay, and no limit on claims.
  3. Extended Warranty – a low-cost alternative to the manufacturer’s warranty, with Collect and Return and Onsite Maintenance options. We also offer a Collect and Return Extended Warranty with Accidental Damage Only service.

We provide a range of other insurance options, including ones that cover all mobile devices or just smartphones. In addition, we provide repairs for devices that are in-warranty and for those where the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

Please contact us for more details.