Spirit Data Capture

Newsletter – Meet the future of Terminal Emulation!

October 2017

Most Windows operating systems for rugged mobile devices will reach the end of their support life by 2020. Consequently, there has been a significant market shift towards Android devices. Many customers with Windows devices are therefore looking for a way of seamlessly migrating their existing applications to newer Android devices.

MOMSSpirit can provide the ideal solution for Terminal Emulation applications – Ivanti’s Velocity (Ivanti was formerly Wavelink). Velocity aims to take the legacy green-on-black screens associated with Terminal Emulation to a new generation of devices, using rich HTML screens without the need for any middleware or changes to back-end systems. The migration can be carried out at a pace that suits you, referred to as the MOMS approach:

This approach will enable you to move to newer, Android touchscreen-enabled devices. Click here to see a 60-second video that explains MOMS.

For more information about Ivanti’s Velocity or for help with planning your mobile strategy, please contact sales@spiritdatacapture.co.uk.