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Spirit news – April 2018

Spring is here at last – a traditional time for lots of new developments to start appearing. We hope you enjoy reading this newsletter, which contains an overview of the latest information, news and articles relating to the use of handheld devices and the streamlining of supply chain processes.

In this issue, you can find the following articles:

Industry news and views

• GDPR will be here next month – are you ready?
• M3 reassures customers following security warnings
• Mobile IQ provides real-time intelligence about a mobile enterprise

Industry trends and new releases

• Accenture highlights some fascinating industry trends
• Automated deliveries – the quiet revolution
• Google announces launch of Android P
• 5G devices to arrive next year
• SOTI launches v14 of MobiControl – and free GDPR update
• ecom launches the Tab-Ex 02
• A versatile device for small businesses – the TC25
• Two new releases from Honeywell…
• … and Getac prescribes two new tablets

Recent reports and guides

• Exploring opportunities in workforce mobility
• Keeping up with global changes – the ‘Internet of Vehicles

That’s the Spirit!

• Recent Spirit case studies
• In the spotlight: Daniel Spruce

We hope you enjoy reading this newsletter. If you would like more information on any of the items below, please call us on 01928 718800 or send an email to: helen.jones@spiritdatacapture.co.uk.

Industry news and views

GDPR will be here next month – are you ready?

The much-heralded General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is almost upon us – it comes into force on 25th May and all businesses need to be compliant. If you want to check that you’ve done everything you need to do, take a quick look at this useful guide. For customers with hosted versions of SOTI’s MobiControl v13 and above, there’s also a free update that will help with compliance. Contact us for further details.

In relation to GDPR, we’ve previously emailed all of our customers asking whether they are happy or not to remain on our database. If you prefer not to stay on this list, please email us to let us know. Thanks.

M3 reassures customers following security warnings

Earlier this year, some potential computer security vulnerabilities came to light, involving the Meltdown and Spectre flaws. These could potentially lead to attacks, with criminals trying to access sensitive information. Some vendors have issued patches and M3 was asked if the processor in its models could be affected. The company replied: “M3 Android models are not affected, because we`ve adopted Qualcomm AP, not Intel, AMD etc. And we`re checking on M3 Windows OS (CE/WM) with MS rapidly.”

Mobile IQ provides real-time intelligence about a mobile enterprise

One of the key products developed by NetMotion, an award-winning global software company, is Mobile IQ™, a solution designed for IT and Security teams. Mobile IQ transforms mobile data into actionable insights on customisable dashboards. It’s been developed to resolve performance issues such as dropped mobile connections and the need to monitor mobile users in real time.

Ultimately, Mobile IQ provides real-time intelligence about a mobile enterprise, enabling a company to increase mobile security; keep workers connected while they’re in the field; boost efficiency and device performance; and streamline remote management. Find out more at www.netmotionsoftware.com.

Industry trends and new releases

Accenture highlights some fascinating industry trends

Accenture Technology Vision 2018 has produced a new, detailed report into some key technology trends forecasted over the next three years. The report, ‘Redefine your company based on the company you keep’, includes sections on ‘Frictionless Business’ and the ‘Internet of Things’.

To find out more about Accenture’s vision of the future, you can access the report here.

Automated deliveries – the quiet revolution

One fascinating trend that’s beginning to take hold in the area of local deliveries involves the use of robotic vehicles. One of the latest companies to step into this area is Starship. It claims that its robots will ‘revolutionise local delivery’. The company uses mobile technology combined with self-driving robots to streamline distribution processes.

Its vehicles have been tested in over 100 cities, having driven over 30,000 miles by May last year. The individual robots are designed to deliver items, including parcels and groceries, over a distance of two miles. Each robot moves at a walking pace, weighs under 50lb and can safely navigate around obstacles. Starship claims that they are very cost-effective and also environmentally friendly.

Google announces launch of Android P

Google has announced that its latest version of the Android mobile operating system – Android P – will be launched later this year. Many of the new features are still under wraps, but those have been revealed so far include support for displays with notches; richer messaging notifications; the ability to stream feeds from two cameras simultaneously; battery optimisation; improved image compression; and quicker access to AI-specific features.

Many of the more major developments will be announced over the coming months. The above information was derived from an article by New Atlas. For more details please click here.

5G devices to arrive next year

Wired’ has announced that the much-anticipated arrival of 5G mobile devices in the UK is now likely to take place next year. There have been various challenges that have delayed the launch of the new technology – including the need for new types of receivers; the development of the infrastructure required; and the large number of companies involved in the introduction of the technology.

For more details, take a look at this article. In another recent development, the BBC’s online news channel has reported that a bidding war has already begun for UK airwaves in preparation for 5G, read more here.

More new product releases have sprung up this spring at Spirit! Here are a few – please get in touch with us if you’d like more information.

SOTI launches v14 of MobiControl – and free GDPR update

SOTI has launched the latest feature-rich version of MobiControl – v14. To find out the specific features that are available on your preferred operating system, please contact your Spirit Account Manager.

As mentioned earlier, SOTI is also releasing GDPR-compliant versions of MobiControl. We’ll update your devices free of charge if you have a hosted service and use MobiControl v13 or above. Key features of the new version include: SOTI Hub, SOTI Surf; Sharing restrictions; SOTI Snap; Audit Logging; and Compliance rules. For more information click here.

ecom launches the Tab-Ex 02 series

ecom’s new Tab-Ex 02 series represents the next generation of tablets certified for use in hazardous and industrial areas. These Android tablets are based on the new rugged Galaxy Tab® Active2 from Samsung. The first model in the series (the DZ2) is designed for use in Zone 2 / Division 2. The DZ1, designed for Zone 1 / Division 1 operations, will be available in the autumn.

A versatile device for small businesses – the TC25

The Zebra TC25 is a rugged smartphone designed for small business use, with in-built barcode scanning technology. This device offers the instant point-and-shoot capture of any electronic or printed barcode in virtually any condition. It’s designed to provide durability, reliability and enhanced productivity.

Two new releases from Honeywell…

Honeywell’s new Dolphin CN80 is an ultra-rugged Android mobile computer that offers the best of both worlds for today’s warehouse, logistics and distribution users – a large touchscreen and a choice of a numeric or QWERTY keyboard. Based on Honeywell’s Mobility Edge platform, it offers 1D and 2D scanning, a fast processor and an extended battery life.

Honeywell’s ScanPal EDA70 is a lightweight, enterprise-ready Android tablet that offers real-time connectivity and rapid and efficient data capture for mobile users. It features 1D and 2D scanning, a built-in camera and an IP64 rating. Its seven-inch Corning Gorilla Glass display can be read easily, even in bright sunlight.

… and Getac prescribes two new tablets

The new Getac MX50 Android tablet has been designed specifically for the defence sector and is Getac’s first wearable product designed for soldiers, meeting battlefield SWaP criteria. It has a 5.7 inch touchscreen and an Atom X5 processor. It has an IP67 rating, rugged connector options, programmable keys, an HD webcam, an 8MP rear camera, WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth.

Getac has also launched its largest and most powerful tablet yet – the A140 fully rugged tablet. It offers exceptional performance combined with industry-leading security. The tablet has a large 14″ display; a dual battery design; and carrying straps and vehicle mounting accessories. There’s also an optional 1D/2D imager and RFID.

Recent reports and guides

Exploring opportunities in workforce mobility

Zebra has produced a new guide to the next generation of mobile workforce solutions: ‘Make the most of the opportunities in workforce mobility’. This takes a look at how organisations can ‘get more done, more quickly, for less money’.

Initially, this involves choosing the right mobile devices and the right operating systems and migrating mobile apps successfully to next-generation platforms. The new document includes numerous links to White Papers and other documents that will help users when making their decisions.

Keeping up with global changes – the ‘Internet of Vehicles

Technology is changing so rapidly, it can be hard to keep up with all the changes. One recent development has been connected vehicles – most people will have heard about the Internet of Things but his has been dubbed the ‘Internet of Vehicles’. Fortunately, Getac has produced a handy infographic which gives an overview of some of the implications involved.

The Infographic is called: ‘How to prepare for the world of connected vehicles’. It explores some of the ways in which organisations across different sectors can start to prepare for the Internet of Vehicles. Find out more.

That’s the Spirit!

Joint event with SOTI

Spirit and SOTI are hosting a joint event at SOTI’s state-of-the-art headquarters:

Venue: 5-7 Drury Lane, Solihull B91 3BB
Date: Wednesday 25th April.
Registration: 10:30 am
Event: 11:00am – 2:00pm (Lunch at 1:00pm)

The event will include:

  • Details of MobiControl v14
  • A free GDPR update for hosted versions of MobiControl 13 and above
  • A walk through SOTI’s road map for the future

If you’d like to come along, please email us. As a reward, your name will be entered into a prize draw to win a Lenovo tablet!

Recent Spirit case studies

The RSPB is the UK’s largest nature conservation charity. It recently introduced a new system to cover all of its trading activities and to link to its other operations and its online shop. The system includes a new electronic point-of-sale (ePoS) solution. The RSPB approached Spirit about new hardware in the warehouse that would work with the new system. We recommended Zebra TC70 touch computers and ZT220 printers, and SOTI’s MobiControl. These have been working well and MobiControl has also speeded up the resolution of any hardware issues.

To read this case study in more detail, please visit our case studies directory.

In the spotlight – Daniel Spruce

Daniel is one of our Software Engineers. His original interest in programming started with games and involvement in various projects at the University of Liverpool, where he gained a first-class Honours degree and an MSc in Advanced Computer Science. At Spirit, he began working on the server / backend; on the web-based dashboard; and in the early stages of research for the latest HHT codebase, writing prototypes for Xamarin. He can therefore work across the entire software system, and has experience in a range of customer projects. Daniel has also been involved with the planning and development of the Mobile Connect database structure.

Daniel has just moved into his own property in Frodsham. In his spare time, he enjoys pool and beer with friends, and is currently working on various projects including a 4D space game and his own programming language.

For more information or advice, give us a quick call on 01928 718800. If you need to find out which products have reached their end of life, go to our eShop , scroll down to the bottom, and under ‘Advice & Support’, click on ‘End of Life products’.