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Is your company currently involved in regular inspection activities? If you’re still using a paper-based recording system, you would benefit hugely from our Inspections application, which will automate many of the processes involved. It helps to ensure consistently high quality, accurate and reliable results, as all inspectors use the same forms and standards.

Key benefits of our module

Our Inspections application is designed to:

  • Streamline the whole inspection process so that you can conduct inspections rapidly, using pre-determined standards.
  • Provide you with a completely paperless system that enables you to rapidly identify any issues and actions that need to be taken, minimising the risk of manual input errors and eliminating the need for double entries.
  • Be very fast and responsive, but also easy to use.

Download our datasheet on Inspections.

Key features

A web dashboard, an Android smartphone or tablet-based application and a highly intuitive user interface.
Enhanced inspection reporting, through the ability to capture photos and attach them to the report.
The ability to use location-based services, using the solution’s GPS capability.
Barcode reading, image capture and signature capture capabilities.
Mobile printing capability – you can print from your handheld device straight to a mobile printer (including barcode labels).
We can customise this application so that it works online or offline – so it will still be available if you don’t have access to a 4G signal

The mobile app enables your inspector to choose a specific building, area, room or item to inspect, using pre-defined questions (with a prompt to answer ‘Pass’, ‘Fail’ or ‘Not applicable’). Different tasks types can be allocated (such as cleaning, catering, facilities management etc.). A ‘Fail’ prompts the inspector to give a reason from a drop-down menu. The final report will include details of any actions needed. The results can then be transmitted back to the web dashboard.

The dashboard is accessed by computer, using an Internet Explorer or Google Chrome web browser. It’s very user-friendly, easy to read and aesthetically pleasing and can be customised with your company’s logo and brand colours. It has administrative facilities for setting up and configuring the system and for accessing and viewing the inspection reports.

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