Spirit Data Capture

Field service

For companies that are working out in the field or delivering products to their customers, our field service application can be invaluable. Ultimately, it helps to ensure that the right tasks are carried out in the right order or that the right product gets to the right place on time.

Key benefits of our application

Our field service software is designed to:

  • Streamline all aspects of delivery operation or field tasks
  • Ensure that drivers can take the fastest, most logical and most convenient route when going to a task or delivering products, saving you time and money
  • Be easy to use, with a clear graphical user interface

Key features

Specialist route accounting software.
Barcode scanning and signature capture.
Real-time updates via GPRS.
A function that searches for products using a code or description.
Stock reconciliation capabilities: the driver can amend the order remotely and add or deduct items.
Mobile printing – you can print from your handheld device straight to a mobile printer (including invoices and reports).

With this application, the day’s tasks are loaded onto the mobile device of the driver or field worker from the back-end system. The route accounting software will show the best route to take. The software can be used to document any progress, to produce real-time invoices and to transfer data to the back-office system at the end of the day (which also updates the customers’ accounts).

Request a demo

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