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Meeting the needs of facilities management

Facilities management is an important aspect of the smooth running of any organisation. We can provide you with a complete mobile enterprise solution that will streamline all of your key operations. This includes both bespoke and off-the-shelf software; a wide selection of mobile hardware; and managed services.

Ultimately, our mobile enterprise solutions will boost the efficiency and productivity of your facilities management services.


We offer a selection of powerful software apps, based on our flagship platform, Mobile Connect™. Foremost amongst these for facilities management companies is our Inspections app. This is ideal for increasing the speed and accuracy of your system for recording building and equipment inspections, by automating many processes and by ensuring that all of your inspectors are using the same system. Our app is ideal for quality assurance inspections of items such as buildings, facilities, roads, pylons, vehicles and fire extinguishers.

Another notable software app is SOTI’s MobiControl, the UK’s leading EMM platform. This will enable you to control and manage all of your mobile devices remotely, so that you can optimise their effectiveness and the return on your investment.

The right hardware

We can source a wide variety of rugged handheld solutions from leading manufacturers such as Zebra, Getac, Honeywell, Xplore, M3 and Datalogic. We can supply devices such as mobile computers, linear imagers, barcode scanners, personal digital assistants (PDAs), tablets, smartphones and mobile printers. Because these devices are rugged, they are ideal for the demanding environments often encountered by transport and logistics companies.

With our voice technology offerings, we can also boost the efficiency of your inspection and maintenance activities by providing a hands-free environment, which will enable your operators to automatically record their observations as they look around.

The right infrastructure

We have a wide range of wireless infrastructure services and can offer you expert advice on deployment, management and support.

Our services include a detailed radio frequency (RF) site survey, and our team of qualified engineers will carry out the installation. We can also carry out health checks that will pre-empt any degradation in the performance of your wireless Local Area Network (WLAN).

Finally, we provide various options for managing, maintaining and supporting your wireless infrastructure.

The right support

Spirit’s Managed Services provide you with all the support you need for your mobile enterprise. They provide:

• A choice of support packages, tailored to meet your specific needs.
• A highly-personalised service offering, designed to give you peace of mind.
• Access to our highly-trained mobility experts, along with quarterly service reviews.

You can find more details of our Managed Services here.

Key features

• A managed helpdesk
• Guaranteed SLAs
• Consultancy and project management
• Business continuity and disaster recovery
• Infrastructure services
• Provisioning
• Data storage
• Repair programmes and buffer stock management
• Training services
• Solution review
• End-of-life management

Putting it into practice

We have several examples of how our mobile enterprise solutions have transformed the operations of organisations that provide facilities management services. For example, our Inspections app was tailored to meet the needs of Tayside Contracts, which provides cleaning, catering and janitorial services. This led to a 50% increase in productivity for its quality assurance inspections. We have also supplied mobile computers to Elliott Loohire, which specialises in the hire of portable toilets and temporary fencing. The handheld devices have streamlined asset management and various administrative tasks.

At the University of Edinburgh, mobile devices provided by Spirit are being used in fire equipment and asbestos surveys; for planned maintenance; and even for recording and monitoring water temperatures to prevent legionella outbreaks.

To see the full case studies and others that might interest you please click here.

Tayside Contracts

Elliot Loohire

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