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The Last Mile of ePoD

Our electronic proof of delivery (ePoD) module has become very popular with companies, including distribution and logistics organisations. However, if you’re a local company that deals in the final stage of delivery by taking over from a nationwide distributor, you’re likely to have special needs – which is why we’ve developed our ePod in the Last Mile software module. This can make the difference between failure and success at such a critical stage of the delivery process.

Download our datasheet on The Last Mile of ePoD.

Read our paper: How ePoD enhances customer satisfaction in the last mile.

Key benefits of our module

Our ePoD in the Last Mile module is designed to:

  • Improve the reliability and efficiency of the final stage of the delivery process
  • Increase the speed and consistent quality of parcel deliveries
  • Enhance the accuracy of delivery data, which increases customer satisfaction
  • Reduce manual errors, false claims and customer complaints
  • Provide savings on administrative time

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Key Features

EPOD Last Mile

The details on the software can be tailored according to your needs: you can specify fields such as the named routes, user names, reasons for a failed delivery etc.
ePoD Last Mile

ePoD last Mile

EPOD Software

The software can be scaled so that it’s right for the size of your company. For instance, if you don’t have a depot with numerous shelving locations, you won’t need that function. However, if you have several large depots with many internal locations, these can easily be set up in the system. New depots can be added as required.

EPOD distribution

The system can also be adapted to take account of differing needs. For instance, you can set up automatic integration for the importing and exporting of parcels to distributors’ systems.


Last mile eEPOD

The module provides near real-time data transfer – within seconds of completing a delivery, central dashboards will be updated with the latest information (mobile data coverage may vary).

The nationwide distributor will typically ship a container of parcels to your company for onward delivery to their final destination. You can then use our ePoD in the Last Mile module to scan the parcels into your depot, sort them, and load them onto delivery vans, on a ‘first in, last out’ (FILO) basis. The van driver will follow a pre-determined route to the first destination and will confirm the arrival of the parcel (Deliver, Fail or Card Left). If necessary, photos can be taken of damaged articles or notes can be added to the app. For a ‘Fail’, the driver can state the reason (e.g. due to parcel damage or a closed business). Parcels can also be collected from the customer on an ad hoc or pre-booked basis.

Once the deliveries have finished, the driver returns to the depot. Any failed parcels are scanned back off the van for a further delivery attempt, and any collected parcels can be passed to the main distributor.

Customer quotes

ePoD has allowed us to reduce our admin resource by 1/3 and has saved us 2 hours per driver per day in paperwork.

Our drivers save on average 30 minutes a day each.

We now have total visibility of parcels in our care from receipt into our warehouse to the final delivery to the door.

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