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Distribution and warehouse management

We provide everything you need for a complete mobile enterprise solution that will streamline your warehousing and distribution activities. This includes both bespoke and off-the-shelf software; a wide selection of mobile hardware, a range of managed services and a hosted server environment.

Ultimately, our warehouse and distribution solutions lead to lower inventory holding costs and less cash tied up in unnecessary stock.


Mobile Connect screensOur Mobile Connect™ software apps – such as our electronic proof of delivery (ePoD) system – will streamline a range of warehouse and distribution operations. For instance, ePoD provides:

• Accurate and reliable tracking and tracing of products that have left the warehouse.
• A fully automated, streamlined process that enables these products to be delivered quickly and effectively.
• The ability to raise invoices without unnecessary delay, as ePoD reduces the risks of costly and time-wasting disputes.

For companies involved in the last stages of distribution, we’ve also develop an ePoD in the Last Mile app.

Mobile Connect™ is ideal for use with both small and large scale inventories and can be used for in-house, third party distribution or e-fulfilment. It supports multiple producer locations or multiple sites. In addition to our off-the-shelf apps, we can provide you with customised software for distribution and warehouse management. This could include applications such as pre-receipt and receipt of goods; picking, packing and tracking products; asset management; storing; repackaging; despatching goods for delivery; stock control; inventory management; auditing; maintenance; security and safety.


Spirit can source a wide variety of rugged handheld devices from leading manufacturers such as Zebra, Getac, Honeywell, Xplore, M3 and Datalogic. We can sources devices such as mobile computers, linear imagers, barcode scanners, personal digital assistants (PDAs), tablets, smartphones and mobile printers.

Falcona Solutions
Charging and storage for PDAs and mobile devices from Falcona Solutions


We offer a large choice of accessories, from vehicle-mounted cradles through to battery chargers. Our range includes versatile and innovative items from Falcona Solutions, such as printer bridges; storage and charging cabinets for multiple handheld devices; and mobile workstation carts.

Wifi surveys

Spirit has a wealth of experience in implementing wireless solutions throughout the UK and Europe. We work with all of the leading suppliers of wireless solutions, but we’ll carry out a completely independent radio frequency (RF) site survey for you. This will give you a great basis for comparing different vendors’ prices and the design criteria for your wireless deployment.

Vehicle installations

We can install all of your mobile hardware and software and even your wireless infrastructure. We also offer speciality installation services, such as mounting your mobile devices in your vehicles or fork-lift trucks. This includes a vehicle audit to determine the best place for mounting a handheld device. The installation is then carried out onsite by our experienced engineers.

Putting it into practice

WH Bowker uses the Sumo ST395, Honeywell SR61 and a Datamax printer
WH Bowker uses the Sumo ST395, Honeywell SR61 and a Datamax printer

A recent case study involving WH Bowker shows how a typical solution can be implemented and the potential benefits involved. The company wanted an application that would mobilise its warehouse management system in real time, to eliminate manual processing and reduce human error.

We provided a Windows Tablet client and web-based management portal, which is integrated with the warehouse management system to enable the import and export of data and scheduled jobs. Our solution has led to a reduction in paperwork; fewer manual errors; and less time needed to complete jobs. A lower human input combined with real-time updates has meant faster invoicing and improved response and performance times.

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