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Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) – also sometimes called mobile device management (MDM) – enables you to control and manage all of your mobile devices remotely. If you want your mobile devices to enhance your efficiency, customer service and future cost savings, they must be secure and managed and supported properly. EMM gives you all of the benefits of device management without the need for dedicated resources or infrastructure.

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MobiControl from SOTI

Spirit provides SOTI’s MobiControl, the UK’s leading EMM software application. It works with many different types of mobile devices – from consumer-based units through to rugged devices in the field.

MobiControl provides a rapid and reliable performance over any network, for any size of deployment. It lowers costs by giving support personnel powerful remote control and helpdesk tools for efficient diagnosis and problem fixing. We also offer MobiControl SaaS (Software as a Service) as part of our portfolio of Cloud. This enables you to access a wealth of hardware and software capabilities over the Internet, eliminating the need for a large capital outlay on infrastructure.

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MobiControl user benefits

These include:

  • Higher productivity – Through minimised downtime; increased user adoption; reduced training and support time; and automated processes.
  • Time savings – Improved communication and visibility of users means that tasks such as application upgrades can be carried out remotely. The software also provides rapid access to reports, including a full asset history.
  • Cost savings – Central management with web access reduces the need for multiple support teams to maintain your mobile deployment. MobiControl takes control of wireless expenses: you set the account thresholds, manage wireless expenses, and set alerts.

MobiControl Overview

MobiControl offers end-to-end management of many different types of mobile devices and operates at three levels:


BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

For personal devices that need secure access to corporate email.

Corporate Liable

Corporate Liable

For corporately and personally owned devices that access the corporate network.



For the safe development and deployment of enterprise applications to managed devices.

MobiControl uses five key EMM pillars:


A comprehensive suite of features including the provisioning, configuring, updating and controlling of your devices. You can monitor the devices easily and instantly, which enables you to identify and resolve any hardware or software issues. You can also synchronise files and folders between your devices and a server, which helps to ensure that your remote workers always have access to the latest information.


This includes real-time remote control; over-the-air diagnosis and fixing of issues; and the control of files and processes. Our EMM solution supports a wide variety of mobile devices, including smartphones, PDAs, tablets, laptops, desktops and printers. MobiControl includes powerful remote control and helpdesk tools for efficient diagnosis and problem fixing. Software updates can be deployed to your remote devices in real time, saving you time, money and effort.


MobiControl ensures secure data transmission and your devices are also protected against theft or unauthorised access. Our security features include lockdown of corporate devices; remote lock, wipe and back-up of devices; restriction of applications and features; and user authentication for access to corporate data.


MobiControl’s monitoring includes location-based alerts, actions and reports; proactive alerts; device compliance with corporate policies; and a management dashboard. You can carry out diagnoses of remote devices and identify potential issues in less than a minute and can gain a detailed analysis of your mobile devices and their performance.


With EMM, it’s easy to gather information on your GPS-enabled devices. This includes real-time device location; live device tracking; and tracking past device movements. This enables you to find lost or stolen units or to confirm the location of a mobile worker.

Recent developments to MobiControl include:

  • Integrated Telecom Expense Management (TEM) – This feature enables you to control your mobile telecoms expenses by streamlining mobile operations and tracking and managing voice and data usage. You can set soft thresholds that will trigger notifications if users or groups exceed pre-defined limits; and hard thresholds that will disable SMS and MMS messaging, turn off data or restrict voice calling if a user exceeds their plan limit.
  • SOTI Surf – A secure mobile browser for iOS and Android devices. Your IT personnel can manage its features and policies and can maximise functionality without compromising security.
  • SOTI Hub – A new secure content library, which safeguards access to documents, videos, presentations and spreadsheets – at any time and from anywhere.
  • Provisioning – SOTI’s new out-of-the-box solution enables the rapid deployment of mobile devices, which can be configured (with WiFi, VPN, NCF or Bluetooth) over the air.

MobiControl pricing starts from £6 per user, per licence, depending on the volume and length of contract. Please call us on 01928 718800.

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