Spirit Data Capture

The really smart way to deploy smart meters
Spirit provides a one-stop-shop with Zebra and Toshiba

Smart metersThe government has asked energy suppliers to install smart meters in every UK home by 2020. However, this has created various challenges, including:

  • The cost. The migration to smart meters is a complex operation, and costs can easily escalate.
  • The difficulty. There are many different factors involved, including the site survey; hardware installation and integration; and the subsequent support services.
  • The logistics. Bringing all of these factors together – often involving several suppliers and service providers – is a time-consuming and costly task.

We understand your challenges, so we’ve joined forces with Zebra and Toshiba to offer a complete, one-stop-shop for all your smart metering requirements. This focuses on needs such as site surveys, HAN (Home Area Network) tests, Inter-PAN, ZigBee, No-WAN, and Install and Leave (the installation and activation of communications hubs) solutions.

Why should energy suppliers welcome the smart metering initiative?

This new initiative will bring a range of benefits:

  • More speed, less cost – A faster, more cost-effective, automated method of meter reading, which also leads to quicker invoicing.
  • Know-it-all – Meters can be read remotely, and will provide more accurate information on how and where energy is being used.
  • Customer insights – Energy usage can be measured throughout the day, providing a wealth of valuable marketing information about consumer behaviour.

How can Spirit help?

We provide everything you need to make a seamless transition to smart metering:

  • Hardware – We use the market-leading Zebra TC75s with the Toshiba Beacon. Our automated software and procedures enable installers to audit the property before installation to confirm that a HAN connection is feasible and help the installer to select the correct technology for the property.
  • HAN site survey and Install and Leave – The Toshiba Beacon (which uses ZigBee at both 2.4GHz and sub-GHz) conducts the RF site survey and audit, and supports No-WAN commissioning. The survey and installation can take place together – getting it right first time, saving time and money.
  • Servicing and support – We provide full support for our smart metering products, including a range of managed services.

To find out how we could streamline your move to smart metering, call us on 01928 718800.